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Criminal Lawyer Payment & Fees - Cost of Criminal Defence Lawyer

There are a variety of payment plans and options. Give us a call and we will do our best to help you out. We love helping our clients out - and we always want you to have the best outcome.

Criminal Defence Fees

“How much will it cost for my defense?”

First and foremost, at Daley, Byers Criminal Defence Lawyers, we are committed to provide the very best in criminal defence available.

Actual Fees will vary depending on the complexity of the criminal charges against you and the instructions that you provide. We, as your counsel will provide you with various alternatives regarding the conduct and strategy of your defence and the costs involved with each. It is for you to decide based upon our representations and recommendations which avenue you wish to take.


We are well aware that these types of expenses were not planned and may place a strain on your finances. We have found that clients have variable financial means at their disposal as a result it is our policy to offer flexible payment schedules that meet both your needs and our needs.

Generally, a range of fees is estimated during your initial consultation so that you know the general costs involved prior to engaging Daley, Byers. Upon receipt and examination of all disclosure from the Crown and police, and after receiving your instructions as to how you wish to proceed, your exact fee will be determined. That fee will be within the original range that was quoted at the initial interview. The majority of fees are based on block services (a set fee that will not change), rather than an hourly rate that can be difficult to budget for the client.


Following the initial consultation, should you agree to retain Daley, Byers you will be requested to:

  • Provide to Daley, Byers all documentation you have received relating to your charges
  • Sign a “Designation” Form (informs the Court that Daley, Byers will be the Lawyers of record for your case and can appear on your behalf for most court attendances);
  • Pay an initial retainer to be applied against the full fee. The initial retainer varies depending on the nature of the charge and the complexity of the case.

Your lawyer at Daley, Byers will provide you with options for the remaining fees due including payments terms such as:

  • Payment in full by cheque/ money order
  • A number of postdated cheques
  • Option to pay by VISA or Mastercard in full or installments
  • Cash payments are accepted and receipts provided
  • There are no interest charges for installment plans, however generally fees should be paid in full prior the actual trial date. Special schedules are available for those cases involving multiple trial dates.


Your lawyer will advise what your next steps will be, including when you will be required to appear in court. Generally, Daley, Byers will represent you in the preliminary proceedings and you will not have to attend Courtpersonally until the actual court date that your trial takes place. There are occasional exceptions but we, as your counsel, will keep you fully apprised as to when, where and if you will have to attend.

Note: If we are retained before the first court attendance you will not have to attend on that date even if it is contained in your “Promise to Appear”.

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