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Child pornography defense Lawyers Brampton

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Child Pornography Criminal Lawyer Brampton

child pornography criminal defense lawyer

If you are charged with or being investigated for

  1. possession of child pornography;
  2. accessing child pornography;
  3. distribution of child pornography; and/or
  4. making of child pornography

your first move is to consult a criminal lawyer who understands the criminal law with respect to child pornography as set out in the s. 163.1. – of the Criminal Code.   You will need a criminal lawyer who has extensive experience defending individuals charged with child pornography offenses AND who has extensive experience in the Brampton Courts.  Knowledge of the workings of the Brampton Court House, the Brampton Crown attorneys, the Judge’s that sit in Brampton and even the court staff at the Brampton courthouse is crucial to your defense.

If you are under investigation you should in most cases not talk to the police.  The police are not your friends.  They are out to determine if you should be charged.

There are a number of defenses to the child pornography charges that a criminal lawyer can advance.

Some examples of possible defenses are:

1`.   An unlawful search for computers, cell phones;

  1. An unlawful search of computers, cell phones;
  2. Ownership of IP address;
  3. access to the computer or cell phone;
  4. Does the material constitute child pornography as defined by the

Criminal Code;

  1. Where is the child pornography found?

Each child pornography case is unique and must be carefully examined by experienced criminal lawyers and experts.

At Daley, Byers Criminal Lawyers, we have a team of computer experts that we use to analyze conclusions drawn by police.  We also have a team of experienced criminal lawyers in the defense of child pornography cases.

If you are charged or being investigated for a child pornography offense feel free to give us a call and arrange an appointment for a free consultation.  We have 12 locations throughout Ontario so that we are able to service our clients.  Our Brampton location is 7900 Hurontario Street unit 6 Brampton Ontario.


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