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Impaired Driving Cause Death

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Impaired Driving Causing Death

– Section 255(3)(1) of the Criminal Code states, “every one who, while committing an offence under paragraph 253(1)(b), causes an accident resulting in the death of another person is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for life”.

– Considering the seriousness of this offence and the greater penalties that are attached, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable legal team by your side. The penalty if convicted will be substantial period of time in custody. House arrest is not an option under the present state of the law. However, this law may be subject to constitutional challenge.

– Daley, Byers is well known throughout the Ontario courts with over 35 years of experience defending serious impaired driving charges. This experience includes the cross examination of police officers, witnesses and expert toxicologists. Our legal defence team including our own experts will aggressively defend and protect your legal rights.

The defences available in a simple impaired driving charge are also available in a case of impaired driving cause death.  Click on the Impaired Driving page for more information on possible defences.  However, the Crown must also establish a causal connection between the impaired driving and the death.  If the death is not the fault of the accused then the accused will be found not guilty.  This is where accident reconstruction and our expert evidence may become crucial.

Impaired driving cause death is a very serious charge and is most often committed by individuals who are upstanding members of society with little or no blemishes on their record.  The traumatic and psychological impact is huge.  It is important to remember that every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and that the proof of guilt must be beyond reasonable doubt.  This is a very high standard to meet.  People make mistakes.  There is very little difference between the case where an alleged impaired driver goes off the road and hits a tree and the case where the same driver crosses the road and has head on collision other than the extreme consequences of one over the other.  It is our job to provide the best defence possible and it is our promise to do just that.

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