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Ken Byers - Criminal Defence Lawyer

ken-byers-criminal-lawyerKen Byers was called to the Bar in 1981. He was awarded the Engineer’s Award from Trent University representing the most outstanding student in the discipline of physics. There are very few lawyers that graduate from a Science (and in particular, Physics) undergraduate program prior to entering law school. His intellectual ability in this field has proved most valuable in the practice of law. Many cases involve serious accidents and the physics of accident reconstruction, breathalyzer instrumentation, DNA or other science based evidence. Ken graduated from Osgoode Law School in 1979. Initially he worked with prominent lawyer Martin Telpitsky who was his mentor during his early years. Martin had a tremendous influence on Ken’s approach to the practice of law.


Determination, Preparation, and Dedication…

He has been inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of fame and was a member of 5 Canadian Championship Lacrosse teams. He believes that “winning” is a trait that must be learned, and it is not just handed to you. “Winning takes determination, preparation, dedication and an attitude that nothing less is acceptable”. Ken’s blue collar upbringing also influenced his approach to the practice of law. He started his first job at the age of 13 and put himself through school with his parents helping as much as they could. He has an incredible work ethic dedicating endless hours to each and every case. He also has compassion and empathy for each and every client he represents. He truly cares and wants to help everyone. More importantly he has the ability to do so.


Respect and Tradition in Criminal Defence

Many of Ken’s clients are referred to him from people who work in the judicial system; police officers, court clerks, and judges have recommended Ken to their family and friends. This, by itself, is a testament not only to his ability but also to the respect and reputation that he has in the practice of criminal defence work.


33 Years & Recognized Expert in Criminal Law

At the time of writing, Ken has had 33 years of experience in the practice of criminal law. His credentials are impeccable. Ken has been recognized as an expert by the Ontario Court of Justice. Other lawyers often seek out his advice. He has applied his skill and knowledge to the defence of all charges including (but not limited to) DUI, impaired driving, all types of assault including domestic assault, sexual assault, assault with a weapon, assault cause bodily harm; theft, fraud, sexual charges including child luring, possession of child pornography, drug charges, possession, trafficking, importing etc.

If there is a way to win, I will find it.

To provide the best value and service;  to help each and every client.

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