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Charged with Criminal Negligence


The offence of Criminal Negligence is found at s. 219 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Although it defines the offence in general terms, criminal negligence most often occurs in cases involving the operation of a motor vehicle.

In short the definition specifies that this offence requires a “wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of the persons”. S. 219 Criminal Code of Canada.

With respect to driving there is a continuum of charges that cover everything from the least offensive to the most driving allegations.

  1. Minor traffic offences Unsafe lane change
  2. Major traffic offences Careless driving,
    • Stunt driving,
    • Fail to Remain
    • Driving under suspension,
    • Fail to Stop for Police
  3. Dangerous driving s. 249 Criminal Code
    • s. 249 (4) cause death
    • s. 249 (3) cause bodily harm
  4. Criminal Negligence s. 220 cause death
    • s. 221 cause bodily harm

The consequences of a conviction for Criminal Negligence are extremely serious and in almost all cases will involve a period of incarceration and lengthy driving suspensions.

Under no circumstances should you plead guilty to this charge without first speaking to an expert. At Daley Byers Criminal Lawyers we will provide you with the expert defense you need; creative, calculated and assertive. We have successfully defended numerous clients facing this charge and can do the same for you.

There are a number of offences under the Criminal Code that have similar offences under the Highway Traffic Act and depending on factual allegations they can be used in plea negotiations to reduce charges.

  • Fail to Stop s. 252 Criminal Code Fail to Remain s.200 HTA
  • Drive Disqualified s.259 Criminal Code Drive under Suspension s. 53 HTA
  • Dangerous Driving s. 249 Criminal Code Careless driving s. 130 HTA
  • Stunt driving s.172 HTA
  • Flight from Police s. 249.1Criminal Code Fail to stop for Police s. 216 HTA
  • Criminal Negligence 219 Criminal Code Careless driving s. 130 HTA
  • Stunt Driving s. 172 HTA
  • Impaired Driving, DUI/over 80 s.253 Careless driving s. 130 HTA

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