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Woodstock Criminal Defence Lawyer

Woodstock Criminal Defence Lawyer

The founding partners of Woodstock criminal defence lawyers, Daley, Byers joined forces in the early 1980’s and they haven’t looked back since. Some 35 years ago, Ken Byers and Bruce Daley were called to the bar and it was shortly after that when they figured they could do more good for the public by combining their talents and creating their own firm. That firm has since grown to become the largest criminal defence law firm in Ontario, with 16 offices across the province, including right here in Woodstock.

Top Rated Woodstock Criminal Defence Lawyers

With a solid commitment to winning, Daley, Byers has been able to thrive in the intense world of criminal defence. They have a solid success rate with their clients because of their superior level of experience, knowledge and expertise that has helped them guide all their clients confidently and securely through the judicial system, regardless of the charges they have faced.

One of the most sincere compliments anyone can give a business is a referral and Daley, Byers has received numerous over the past three decades. Not only have former clients recommended us to their friends, family or co-workers, we also received referrals from police officers, courthouse administrators, judges and even crown attorneys we have battled in the courts.

We Want To Fight For You

“Winning is everything. If there is a way to win, we will find it.” That is Daley, Byers’ commitment to you. That is the motto our entire team follows as we craft the most effective criminal defence case for your specific charges. We have 35 years’ experience as criminal lawyers which means we inherently understand the judicial system and know how to manoeuvre within it and that includes deftly handling all the nuances involved in every step of the criminal defence process.

We also understand facing criminal charges is an incredibly stressful challenge for you and your family to face. One of the many ways we try to help put your mind at ease is through access to our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact us via our cell phone numbers or through our email addresses, all of which you will be given when you choose Daley, Byers to be your advocates. We are here to answer any questions you have about the charges you are facing, what to expect in court, what kind of timelines you’re looking at with the case and any other issues that you need addressed.

Free Legal Consultation

You can tell a lot about someone by meeting them in person and that is why we welcome any potential clients to come in and talk with us for free at our Woodstock criminal law office. That way you can get a better feeling for us and we can hear your story, explain the criminal charges you are facing, discuss a possible criminal defence strategy and get an estimate on your legal fees. Trust is a critical part of any solicitor-client relationship and we vow to respect and honour your privacy.

Flexible Payment Options

Rarely has anyone been saving up for years for a criminal defence fund, so we get it if your financial circumstances aren’t immediately equipped to handle the weight of legal fees. Daley, Byers offers fair rates for exceptional legal services and the total cost of your defence will depend on the complexity of the charges you are up against. Regardless of how serious your case is, we are happy to work with you to formulate a reasonable payment plan so that you can have the best Woodstock criminal defence lawyers on your side.

Our Criminal Law Specialities

With over three decades in the criminal defence business, we have guided our clients through just about every charge imaginable. Our experience has given us the confidence to say we can handle any criminal case and we are especially effective at creating winning defence strategies for these charges:

Impaired driving                                            Domestic assault
DUI                                                                  Domestic violence
Other driving offences                                  All other assault charges
Sex offences                                                 Drugs
Fraud                                                              Theft
Bails                                                                Weapons

Woodstock Criminal Defence Lawyer Address

The starting point for the legal process of facing your criminal charge began right after you were charged. A notification slip detailing a time and place for you to appear in court is given right after being charged, and while this is by no means the beginning of trial proceedings, your attendance is required.

Woodstock Courthouse
415 Hunter Street
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 4G6

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