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Simcoe Criminal Defence Lawyer

Simcoe Criminal Defence Lawyer

Did you know Daley, Byers is the largest criminal defence law firm in Ontario? Shortly after Ken Byers and Bruce Daley were called to the bar 35 years ago, they decided they could do more good for the greater public by combining their incredible skills and talents and opening their own law firm. Since then, Daley, Byers has grown to include an impressive 16 offices across the province.

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Our motto at Daley, Byers is “Winning is everything. If there is a way to win, we will find it.” Over the past three decades, we have created a winning formula that we apply to all our client’s cases which has resulted in an unprecedented winning record for our team. We are driven to excel and are committed to using our superior level of legal knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the judicial system to fight for you and win your case.

One of the most sincere and valuable signals of our success and respect in the criminal defence field is the referrals we continually receive. It’s an honour whenever we are recommended by former clients, police officers, courthouse administrators, judges and crown attorneys.

Let Us Help You

Being charged with a criminal offence is a challenging, stressful and let’s be honest, scary situation to find yourself in. Not only are you under incredible strain but so are your loved ones. At Daley, Byers, we strive to provide the most effective criminal defence strategy specifically for your case, but we also understand you will have lots of questions along the way and may need a pep talk from time to time to keep our spirits up and stay emotionally strong for your family.

One way we help maintain peace of mind for our clients is providing them with access to our team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you become a Daley, Byers client, you will receive the cell phone numbers and email addresses of our team so that you can reach out to us whenever you need some clarity. Whether it be for questions pertaining to your charges or case or because you don’t know what to expect at your upcoming court appearance, we are here to guide you and stand by your side, from the beginning of your case until the end

Free Legal Consultation

Why do we offer our potential clients a free legal consultation? We at Daley, Byers have superior knowledge of and experience in the realm of criminal defence law and we know how incredibly stressful facing criminal charges can be for both you and your family. That is why we welcome you to come in and meet us in person so we can discuss the charges you are facing, explain the legal process to you, suggest a criminal defence strategy for your case and also provide you with an estimate on the cost of your case, which can vary depending on the complexity of the charges you are facing.

Flexible Payment Options

We respect your financial circumstances and realize these types of expenses are not planned for ahead of time and saved up for. Daley, Byers has always offered fair rates for our exceptional legal services because we want you to have the best Simcoe criminal defence lawyers in your corner, so we are flexible and will work with you to figure out a reasonable payment plan that meets both of our needs.

Our Criminal Law Specialties

For over three decades, we have stood side by side with our clients and fought for them against just about every criminal charge you can imagine. Being in the criminal defence business as long as we have, there isn’t anything that we aren’t prepared to handle and confidently defend you against, including the following charges:

Impaired driving                                            Domestic assault

DUI                                                                  Domestic violence

Other driving offences                                  All other assault charges

Sex offences                                                 Drugs

Fraud                                                              Theft

Bails                                                                Weapons

Simcoe Criminal Defence Lawyer Address

Once you have been charged with a criminal offence, you are given a notification of when and where to appear in court. This is not the start of your trial, merely the beginning stage of your case. It’s important to note that if you retain the services of Daley, Byers before the initial court date, we can appear on your behalf and your presence, barring any unusual circumstances, will not be required.

Norfolk County Court House
50 Frederick Hobson VC Drive
Simcoe, Ontario
N3Y 4L5

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