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Oakville Criminal Defence Lawyers

Oakville Criminal Lawyers Office

The founding partners of Oakville Criminal Lawyers, Daley, Byers, have over 30 years of experience successfully defending criminal charges in Halton Region and other parts of Ontario. Our Address is found below.

When you consult a lawyer, you are simply looking for answers, information and the best advice and defence possible.

Experience and Knowledge

With 30 years plus experience we have defended most every criminal offence in the Criminal Code. Experience means that we will have defended charges similar to the situation that you face. Experience means that we can make tactical decisions based on the facts, the Crown, the Judge, the quality of the police investigation (or lack thereof) and our knowledge of the law. Experience and knowledge simply means we have been there before, we know the issues, we know the players and most importantly we know how to manoeuver your defence.

Free Consultation

Whatever you do, don’t walk in and plead guilty without consulting a lawyer first. We will provide you with a free consultation – it cost absolutely nothing to talk to us. You will be given guidance, advice, recommendations and all of your questions will be answered. Simply put, you will get the straight goods. When you leave our office we want you to be confident that you can make the right decision for you regarding your particular issues.

Payment Plans

Nobody budgets for a lawyer. We get it and we accept payment plans so that we can help you with your case. Spreading payment over a number of months just makes it easier, and in some cases possible, to retain counsel.


The ability to communicate with your lawyer and have your questions answered is crucial to a constructive solicitor/client relationship. All of our clients are given our cell phone numbers. We are available 24/7. In fact if you called right now we would answer. Availability is one thing, approachability is another. We want you to be comfortable and confident when discussing your particular situation with us. And it goes without saying that everything that is said between us will remain completely confidential.

Mission Statement: “Winning is Everything!” If there is a way to win we will find it.

Oakville Criminal Lawyers Office Address

466 Speers Rd #300, Oakville,
ON L6K 3R9
Direct Line: 1 855-529-3501

Oakville Criminal Lawyers Office

The Milton Court House

In Halton Region all criminal charges commence in the Milton Court house located at 491 Steeles Avenue E. Milton, Ontario. The postal code is L9T 1Y7.

  • First attendance court is Court Room 9 on the 2 nd Floor of the Court House.
  • Bail Matters are held in Court Room 1 on the 3 rd floor.


Milton/Oakville Court House

Free Consultation

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Free Consultation

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Why Clients Choose Us

  1. High Success Rate
  2. Experienced: 32+ Years Each Partner
  3. Fair Payment Plans
  4. 24/7 Access to Our Team
  5. Free Consultation
  6. We Care About Your Case

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