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Criminal Defence Lawyers Milton

Our team of criminal lawyers in Milton are committed in providing you with the best legal services possible. We want to help you.

Be the Top Rated Criminal Lawyers

Fighting to protect, preserve and safeguard your rights. Do not plead guilty without consulting a criminal lawyer to determine the viability the Crown prosecution.

Milton Criminal Lawyers

You have nothing to lose, just talk to us to see where you stand. We will give you ample time to explain your case, and we will tell you your options.

milton criminal defence lawyer

Our team of Milton Criminal Defence lawyers have handled thousands of criminal defence cases

Daley, Byers is the largest criminal defence law firm with 12 offices throughout Ontario. The team has been servicing clients in Milton for many years. The founding partners, Ken Byers and Bruce Daley were called the bar in 1981. The lawyers at Daley, Byers are very familiar with the judicial environment in the Halton jurisdiction having practiced there for more than 30 years. They are recognized by the Crown attorneys and the judiciary and are respected for the quality of the work they perform on behalf of their clients. In fact, the judiciary in many instances have commented on the high standard of representation provided by the lawyers from Daley, Byers on behalf of their clients.

Mission Statement: Be the Top Rated Criminal Defence Lawyers in Milton

Fighting to protect, preserve and safeguard your rights. Do not plead guilty without consulting a criminal lawyer to determine the viability the Crown prosecution. In many cases, where it may appear hopeless, a Milton criminal lawyer may be able to find holes  in the Crown’s case. In addition, there may be viable plea bargains for lesser charges and lighter sentences. Daley, Byers provides free consultations.

Why should you consider Daley, Byers – Milton Criminal Lawyers

1. Free Legal Consultation with a Criminal Defense Lawyer: You have nothing to lose, just talk to us to see where you stand. We will give you ample time to explain your case, and we will tell you your options. We always tell you the facts and what you can do. It is up to you if you want our Milton Criminal Law Firm to defend you.

2. Experience: both founding partners have over 30 years of criminal law defence experience. We have defended hundreds of cases in Milton and in the Halton Area. Were experienced in dealing with virtually all areas of criminal law.

3. Success Rate: “ Winning is everything in our business, we are not hired to lose.” We take great pride in making sure our clients win. We believe that each person has rights and that they should always be used. The firm has an incredibly high success rate, winning over 80 % of its cases.

4. Value – The Investment: There is a difference between the cost of a service and the value of the service. You will receive value for the cost incurred. Legal fees are fair and payment plans are available. We have payment plans for everyone. We always want to make sure it’s fair and affordable for you to be represented in court.

5. Communication, Access and Availability:  Our Milton Criminal Lawyer Defense Team provides 24/7 service. Cell numbers and email addresses are provided to all clients. With 15 offices throughout Ontario there is a location close to you. You will also receive the straight goods from the lawyers at Daley, Byers. You will know where you stand.

6. Caring and Passion to Win: Good communication is crucial to a great defence and an informed client. Our Criminal Lawyers truly care about each client and their particular issues. An important part of our legal defence service is to alleviate your stress. You must feel comfortable with us.

Milton Courthouse

Milton Court House

491 Steeles Ave E, Milton,
ON. L9T 1Y7,

“All criminal cases start in the Milton Court house located at 491 Steeles Avenue E. Milton Ontario L9T 1Y7.  All bail hearings are also held at this court house. Trials are then split between the Courthouse in Milton and the courthouse in Burlington, 2051 Plains Road E. Burlington L7R 5A5.

Courthouse Contact Information

Office Phone 416-326-4249
Fax 416-326-2073

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Why Clients Choose Us

  1. High Success Rate
  2. Experienced: 32+ Years Each Partner
  3. Fair Payment Plans
  4. 24/7 Access to Our Team
  5. Free Consultation
  6. We Care About Your Case
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