Car keys and alcoholic drink

Impaired driving (DWI), and over 80 (DUI) charges carry serious consequences. Just because you blew over the legal limit does not mean that all is lost. There are innumerable technicalities that may be available in your defence.

Daley, Byers are specialists in the field of law relating to all driving offences, including the following:

  • Impaired
    • Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle or vessel
    • Impaired Driving Causing bodily harm
    • Impaired Driving Causing death
    • Impaired Care or Control of a motor vehicle or vessel
  • Over 80 operation of a motor vehicle or vessel
    • Over 80 Care or Control of a motor vehicle or vessel
  • Refuse sample
    • Refuse sample cause bodily harm
    • Refuse sample cause death

We have an extremely high success rate in having our clients’ cases dismissed, or the charges reduced by the courts.

You will require prompt, knowledgeable and applicable advice that you can only get from experienced courtroom lawyers. We are here to provide the 24-hour service you will require.

Possible consequences:
For a first time offender, they can include:

  • Criminal record which can impact employment opportunities, and travel outside the country
  • Fines of $1,000 or more
  • Driving Prohibition on any street, road, highway or any public place for 1 – 3 years (subject to interlock stream eligibility)
  • Installation of Ignition Control device in any motor vehicle you operate for 12 months (cost approximately $125.00 per month, subject to stream eligibility)
  • Requirement to complete the Back on Track course program (cost approximately $500.00)
  • Extremely high surcharges for car insurance (can be 4 to 5 times current rate).

The penalties become more severe for subsequent offences including mandatory jail time.

It is in your best interest to fight these changes, at every level. At the very least you should obtain a legal opinion as to your likelihood of success. This area of law is complicated and requires knowledgeable and experienced counsel.

Daley, Byers has in-house resources and access to consultants and expert technical specialists that can be utilized for your defense. Experts in criminal law, we are here to defend your rights.

“Highly recommended for any criminal charges, especially drinking and driving, Mr. Byers uses all the tools in court to have the charges dismissed. He’s a fighter, and that’s who you need, trust me I’ve seen him in action and he is good.”

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