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Voyeurism – Caught Candid

Voyeurism—Caught Candid If you are charged with voyeurism or a related sexual type of offence, be sure to read this article carefully as it is in your best interests to do so. Voyeurism only recently became a criminal offence when it was added in 2005 as a sexual... read more

Last Drink Defense

Last Drink Defense or bolus drinking as it is often referred to, is often used in the  defence of over 80 (DUI) and impaired driving charges. Simply stated, this defence is based on scientific evidence that alcohol takes some time to be absorbed into your body. If a... read more

Insight into domestic assault

So it looks like things got a little overheated. Maybe this is not the first time sparks flew and ignited an emotional explosion and someone got assaulted. An assault occurs whenever you use force on another person without their consent or valid justification. So an... read more

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